Lobby Day in Richmond

We boarded a FULL bus on Monday, January 16th, MLK Day., 2023, headed for Richmond. We arrived at the Bell Tower to be part of a vigil for those who lost their lives to gun violence; we rallied, and we talked with our legislators. We hope we made a difference!

Here is a news clip from our our awesome trip:

And here we are posing in front of our bus after the trip!

And other pics….

The Buck Squad Poses for a pic at Mt. Zion Baptist, June 2, 2022
Josh Throneberg with members at Wear Orange Day, Mt. Zion Baptist, June 3, 2022
A day to remind parents to lock up their unloaded guns from curious children and keep ammunition stored separately. Also, ASK before you send a child on a playdate, “Is their a gun in the home, if so, is it unloaded and locked?”
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